Weaving Photos

A few photos of my looms and tools.

Warping My Loom

Before I set up my studio, I used to warp the loom on my dining room table. The table extends to 90 inches, so it was a perfect length for the wraps and shawls I was weaving.

Ashford Knitter's Loom, second warping

At the right, you can see the wooden cup rack I use as warping pegs and the blue plastic C-clamps I bought at Orchard Supply Hardware.

Loom perspective

The loom is warped to it’s full width of 20 inches.

Loom perspective

My Favorite Shuttle

This is a KCL Woods low profile shuttle. He does the most marvelous things with wood!

Bluberrry Thrill shawl, in progress

Inkle Loom

I’ve also played with an Ashford inkle loom. I need more time to really explore what I can do with this loom.

Ashford Inkle Loom

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