Cross Stitch Afghans


Nurserytime Afghan


Gift for Ian Flatness, born 2/4/1991 (Susan Flatness)

Completed 4/1/1991?

Designs selected from Cross Stitch Nursery motifs by American School of Needlework

I changed the balloon colors to primary colors and adjusted the designs to fit the 45 x 45 stitch format of afghan squares.

balloons  bear2 bearBurp

bearIan bearYum bunny


(Images scanned from poor quality photographs.)

Baby Wraps Afghan

Gift for David Novicki, born 7/18/1991? (Ed & Saundra)

Completed May 1991

Bunny, bear, and bird motifs from the Baby Wraps Afghan booklet


Carousel Afghan

 afghan_EJ2 afghan_EJ1

Gift for Eric James Eitel, born 5/27/1992 (Julie Eitel)

Completed for 12/25/1994

My first project that incorporated original designs and original color choices. It is based on at least 10 different carousel charts, stencils, and pictures. The afghan has 10 animals on the outside; the center 6 squares are filled to form the canopy. All charts were entered and modified in Stitch Crafts software; no portion of this afghan used the exact layout or colors specified in the charts. All animals used natural colors; primary and pastel colors were avoided.

goat horse ostrich

lion giraffe kangaroo 

zebra camel rabbit

seahorse canopy

(Images scanned from old photographs.)

Cross Stitch Interpretations © Marie Novicki for Solarbrations. All rights reserved.


Hardanger afghan


Gift for our niece, Maya Elise Novicki, born June 10, 1997.

Completed September 1997
Based on Rosemary Drysdale’s Spirit of Cross Stitch Hardanger class and Emie Bishop’s designs.

I had taken a class by Rosemary Drysdale for a hardanger afghan that was a good way to learn hardanger.  My goal was to get the afghan done in time for the baby’s birth, but I didn’t quite make it. I did finish it in time for her christening.

This afghan is stitched with Caron Watercolors and Wildflowers; the name is stitched in Caron Waterlilies silk

Unfortunately, my photos are less than clear.

Mafghan_3  Mafghan_2  Mafghan_1


Classic Winnie the Pooh afghan


This is a one of a kind afghan for a very special little girl who became an Angel in 2011.
Savannah Lynn McCann (7/25/2002 – 1/22/2011)

Started March 2002,  completed 8/25/2002

I translated classic Winnie the Pooh images that I found on the internet to cross stitch designs. The layout and color choices are mine.

Note: I took down the photos of this afghan at one point because when I denied someone’s request for the design, she told me that she was going to download my photos and copy my designs anyway. Please don’t spoil this special gift by stealing my images or my design!!

B_tigger3 eeyore2 pooh1

B_piglet2 B_tigger2 piglet1

owl pooh_piglet name

hunny eeyore1 kanga

LF_piglet LF_tigger LF_pooh rabbit

K_pooh2 B_tigger4 B_eeyore

B_tigger1 K_pooh1 B_piglet1

Cross Stitch Interpretations © Marie Novicki for Solarbrations. All rights reserved. Design is not for sale. 

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