One of a Kind

These projects of the one-offs, created out of necessity, as a gift, or just because I wanted to try it out.

Rainbow Collection


June 2006

For our daughter’s graduation from UCLA (M.A and MPH),  the Husband and I made a box of quotes to give her inspiration when she needs it. We collected the quotes from various quote web sites and from books. I also included some inspirational quotes from her favorite movies and wrote a few “mom” quotes as well. I printed them on different colored card stock and laminated them so they’d last. We placed them in a silk-covered box.

We named it the Rainbow Collection (a take-off on a Muppet Movie song lyric, “Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection”) that she used to sing when she was little.

Homemade Lazy Kate


I didn’t have one and didn’t want to order one yet because I didn’t know what I needed. This worked until I bought my spinning wheel, which came with a Lazy Kate.

I used a small basket, some metal knitting needles, point protectors, elastic, and a few wooden wheels and beads from Michael’s.

Begin to Spin Kit

Begin To Spin

April 2007

As a birthday gift for a friend, I compiled instructions, photos, and videos that I created describing the process of spinning from my point of view. I started with a kit from Carolina Homespun that had a very generous amount of fiber and went from there. The kit included:

  • Cascade Little Si spindle.
  • Lined drawstring bag for the spindle, in blue polka-dotted fabric.
  • Fiber to spin: three sampler-size bumps of Corriedale, a large amount of brown wool fiber (type unspecified), some Ashland Bay dyed Merino, and some pre-drafted Corriedale.
  • Spin It book
  • Instruction binder: 18 pages with photos, 1 page of links, and some fiber samples of what things should look like at various steps.
  • CD containig a PDF version of the instructions, 6 short videos showing the major steps in the process, and other useful PDFs.

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