Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat needlepoint

Completion date unknown, best guess 1975
Painted canvas probably purchased from Lee Wards.

I think this is my first completed needlepoint picture. I did this project before I knew about the basketweave stitch and how to properly block and store woolen needlepoint. There is some damage to the item due to poor storage (missing stitches in the background and cat’s chest).

Felix the Cat Pillow

Felix the Cat pillow

Started 09/1997, completed 10/15/1997
Felix the Cat kit; my own design for pillow finishing

Kokopelli Pottery

Kokopelli pottery

Completion date unknown, best guess 1998
Painted canvas purchased on a trip to New Mexico in August 1997


Navajo counted canvas

Started 06/1997, completed 01/01/1998
Navajo alternate colorway by Susan Portra


Taos counted canvas

Started 01/1998, completed 06/15/1998
Taos (City Series 1) by Susan Portra


Vegas counted canvas

Started 07/1998, completed 10/1999
Vegas (City Series 5) by Susan Portra
AKA: The Pink Nightmare


Started 03/2001, completed 04/2001
Green needlepoint mini with a dragonfly charm
Daydreams kit by Dimensions

Arizona Mandala

Arizona Mandala

Started 05/2003, completed 05/24/2003
Arizona by Laura J. Perin Designs

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves needlepoint

Started 05/2003, completed 09/12/2005
Ocean Waves by Laura J. Perin Designs


Hopi Horizon needlepoint

Started 01/2000, completed 01/22/2006
Hopi Horizons by Tish

Woman with Pots 1

Santa Fe #3 needlepoint

Completed 1997?
Santa Fe #3 by Tish

Woman with Pots 2

Santa Fe #2 needlepoint

Started 02/1998, completed 02/13/2006
Santa Fe #2 by Tish


Seahorses needlepoint pillow top

Started 08/2002, completed 02/27/2008
Seahorses pillow kit

Turquoise Trail

Turquoise Trail, complete

Started 08/22/2010, completed 10/12/2011
Turquoise Trail by Laura J. Perin Designs


Hopi, complete

Started 09/1999, completed 11/06/2011
Hopi by Susan Portra


Zuni needlepoint

Started 11/08/2011, completed 11/27/2011
Zuni by Susan Portra



Started 01/17/2012, completed 05/06/2013
Anasazi by Susan Portra

Santa Fe #5

Santa Fe #5, finished

Started 5/25/15, completed 7/25/15
Painted canvas by Tish Holland

Tucson Twilight

Started 06/08/2014,  on hiatus
Tucson Twilight by Laura J. Perin Designs

Linda’s Dream

Linda's Dream canvaswork

Started: October 1996 (?)
Finished: 4/3/16

Class project for Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival 1996;
Designed by Linda Barry

I discovered the nearly complete project at the bottom of my needlepoint bin.

Friendship Star

Friendship Star

Started 4/10/16, completed 5/30/16
Friendship Star kit by Laura J. Perin


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