Past Services

Yes, “Past Services.” I no longer provide many of these services as an individual. After a full day at the Expert Support office, I don’t have enough free time to handle more than the occasional outside project.

 Web Site Work

I’ve done a little private web site design in addition to designing and maintaining this site and the family web site, For Expert Support Inc., I’ve created and updated web pages for various clients.

If you are interested in web site work, contact me through Expert Support— or phone (650) 917-7896.

FrameMaker Consulting

I have used FrameMaker since March 1991 and consider myself to be an expert user. I design FrameMaker templates. I have also written and formatted a variety of FrameMaker documents, including user guides, API manuals, and quick reference cards. I work in both structured and unstructured documents. I do all of my FrameMaker work through Expert Support Inc.

If you are looking for help with your company’s FrameMaker documents and want to work with me or just have a FrameMaker question, contact me through Expert Support— or phone (650) 917-7896.

Craft Designs

I’m dabbling a bit in sewing patterns and needlework designs. Currently, I have one sewing pattern available: a project bag pattern for sock knitters who knit both socks at the same time. It’s $8.15 and I accept payments only through PayPal. Send me an email for more info.

Craft Boutique Items

I made craft boutique items from 1995-1998, mostly as a fund raiser for my daughter’s cheerleading squad. When she graduated, I sold them for a couple more years. My boutique items include

  • Christmas gift bags: Kraft paper (white or natural) bags with handles, decorated with fabric appliqués and glitter paints. Two sheets of tissue paper, a gift tag, and a ribbon or raffia bow complete the package.
  • Christmas gift boxes of various shapes and sizes: Kraft paper boxes (white or natural), decorated with fabric appliquès and glitter paints.
  • Decorated bookmarks
  • Embossed note cards
  • Fabric wine bags
  • Folk Art Christmas ornaments made out of fabric

Party and Menu Planning

They used to call me the Mexican Martha Stewart…

I have catered weddings and anniversary parties, mostly for family and friends. I even catered my own wedding! Sadly, I don’t have a lot of time to do more than one or two of these functions a year. These services are now limited to family functions, like the 50th anniversary party for my in-laws.