Cross Stitch Pin Keeps


Miniature Pansy Pin Cushion

Started 01/1995, completed 01/1995
Kit for Louise Novicki

Floral Alphabet Pin Cushion

Started 03/1995, completed 03/1995
Kit for Barbara Dahl


Purple and Blue Needle Swatch 1999

Started 08/1999, completed 08/1999
By Dutch Treat Designs


Pin Keepers Chatelaine

Started 08/2000, completed 01/2001
By Hollie Designs


Hydrangea Pin Cushion

Hydrangea Pin Cushion

Started 08/2001, finished 02/2002
Cross Stitch Festival class by Columbine Designs


Miss Kitty’s Dragons Needlebook

Miss Kitty's Dragons Needle Case, front Miss Kitty's Dragons Needle Case, back Miss Kitty's Dragons Needle Case, inside

Started 01/2001, completed 01/2003
By Just Nan


Rose Pin Cushion

Rose Pin Cushion

Started 06/2004, completed 06/27/2004
Kit by Dreams of Stitches

Seaside Pin Poke

Seaside Pin Poke

Started 06/2004, completed 07/04/2004
from The Seaside by Eventide Designs
Needs finish work

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