• I love celestial things.
  • The first services I offered were party planning and catering for celebrations.
  • I love puns and wordplay.

The full name of the company is Solarbrations…and other Lunarcies. However, that’s a bit long, so I use Solarbrations for the business license and for California State Sales tax.

Solarbrations…and other Lunarcies is a privately held company. Marie Novicki is the owner and only employee. Solarbrations provides an eclectic set of services for select customers.


Solarbrations has been licensed in the city of Sunnyvale, California since 1996. We’ve been in business since November of 1995. Solarbrations is also registered with the California State Franchise Tax Board.

In the beginning…

In 1985, I started Marie’s Catering. As Marie’s Catering, I provided party planning services and catered weddings (including my own!) and parties. In addition, I created special invitations and menus using vi and troff on a UNIX operating system (System V). I also compiled and created a Family Reunion Cookbook in 1987 using our MacPlus.

As I got into different writing areas, I created Southwestern Dreams to handle the writing work. As Southwestern Dreams, I created a recipe and cookbook database using the UNIFY DBMS and the Accel 4-GL language.

Southwestern Dreams evolved into Deco Designs, SW to encompass FrameMaker work, more recipe compilations, and the beginning of my craft business. I ported the recipe database and cookbook library to a Smalltalk OODBMS running on a Windows PC. I compiled a 300-page cookbook of chocolate recipes as gifts for friends, using FrameMaker on a Mac.

In 1995, I explored the craft boutique business. I decided to bring all of my business entities—Marie’s Catering, Southwestern Dreams, and Deco Designs, SW—into one company. As Solarbrations…and other Lunarcies, I ported the cookbook library to FileMaker Pro. I also created a needlework inventory database and a fiber inventory database in FileMaker Pro.

Solarbrations participated in several craft boutiques, where my customized Christmas gift bags were popular. I also created a cookbook of gift basket recipes in 1997, called “We Whisk You a Merry Christmas.”

I’ve been working on some cross stitch designs for several years, but have not had the time to complete or publish them. My day-to-day work always takes precedence. I did manage to complete a sewing pattern for a sock knitting bag, which is available by email request.

Between the pattern sales and the occasional consulting side-gig, I’ve managed to keep Solarbrations alive.

There could be another evolution at some point…watch and see!