Work Resumé


Marie has worked in the field of software development since 1982. Her experience includes:

Employers Skills Experience


Dates Company Title
Mar. 1993 –
Expert Support Inc. Director, HR and Document Production
Senior Technical Writer
Jan. 1992 –
Mar. 1993
Rational Software Senior Technical Writer
May 1991 –
Dec. 1991
Expert Support Inc. Systems Analyst and Technical Writer
Mar. 1988 –
Apr. 1991
Transact Software, Inc. Senior Software Applications Analyst
Feb. 1982 –
Feb. 1988
The Peabody Group
(formerly Benetics Corp.)
Systems Analyst; Customer Service Representative; User Requirements Analyst
June 1970 –
Jan. 1982
Aetna Life and Casualty Co. Group Claims Module Supervisor


Desktop Publishing Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, StarOffice, Applix, nroff/troff
Help Publishing Adobe RoboHTML, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Acrobat, WinHelp Author, HTML Help Workshop, HyperHelp, 
Web Publishing Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe RoboHTML,  WordPress, WebWorks Publisher, HTML, DITA, PageSpinner, PageMill, 
Graphics Adobe Fireworks, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, DeBabelizer, Hijaak Pro, SnagIt, Snapz Pro
Platforms Mac OS, MS Windows, Solaris/UNIX
Languages Javascript, Smalltalk, C, SQL, ACCELL/IDS
Databases FileMaker Pro, ObjectWorks, UNIFY


Document Production

Marie manages Expert Support’s staff of production and publications specialists. She provides project management and quality assurance for projects assigned to her department.

In addition to project management, Marie performs production tasks, including

  • Converting documents to different applications (Word to FrameMaker, FrameMaker to Word, etc.)
  • Editing, testing, and updating online help
  • Formatting and reformatting documents to remove overrides and apply template styles
  • Preparing documentation for online delivery
  • Creating graphics and performing edits to graphics
  • Editing, including rolling in clients’ red-lines
  • Editing and tweaking presentations

When requested by a client, Marie works with print vendors to produce hard copy documents to the client’s specifications.

Our document production clients include:

  • Adobe
  • Apple
  • Arcsight
  • Asepco
  • BD Biosciences
  • Celera Diagnostics
  • eBay
  • Gatan
  • Objectivity
  • PayPal
  • Rambus Inc.
  • Reasoning
  • Stanford Oncology
  • Symbol
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Tecan
  • Varian
  • Yahoo!

Template Design

Marie designs FrameMaker, MS Word, and InDesign templates for many of Expert Support’s clients based on their specifications and needs, including:

  • API manuals
  • Brochures
  • Datasheets
  • Presentations
  • Reference guides
  • Tutorials
  • User guides

She has designed or updated templates for many clients, including

  • Adobe
  • Altera
  • Baydel North America. Inc.
  • BD Biosciences
  • Celera Diagnostics
  • Gatan
  • GeoVera Insurance
  • Objectivity
  • Rambus, Inc.
  • Reasoning
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Tecan
  • Whistle
  • Varian

She also writes style descriptions and style guides for clients when requested.

Marie answers questions from clients and Expert Support staff members about template and format issues in FrameMaker and MS Word.

Web Publishing

Marie has created and updated Web pages for a variety of clients including Sun Microsystems. She consults with clients on the best way to convert hard copy documentation to the Web and recommends the appropriate tools to use.

She has created or updated WebWorks templates to convert FrameMaker documents to HTML for CoSine, Inxight, Baydel, NetBoost, and many others. She has also converted client documents to HTML and performed any necessary post-editing.

Marie designs and maintains her own personal web site (, moving it from traditional HTML to WordPress in 2015.

Documentation Development

Marie’s writing projects at Expert Support include

  • Invoicing User Guide for PayPal’s new invoicing tool (end-user)
  • User’s guides for Reasoning’s inspection tools (in-house users)
  • Concepts guide for Netcode’s Java API and javadoc edits
  • Tutorial and User’s Guide for ObjectStore, an object-oriented database written in Smalltalk
  • Reference manuals for a Trinzic’s CAB application (an expert system shell)
  • C programming interface manual for an expert system application in FrameMaker

At Transact Software, Marie created the style guide, user guide, and troff and pic documentation macros to be used by Transact Software. Marie also created and maintained the technical documentation for Transact Software’s inventory tracking system. She created the user reference manual for a 4GL financial application running under SCO XENIX.

At The Peabody Group, Marie wrote external requirements, general design, and detailed specifications documents for a claims processing system. She wrote release notices ant tutorials for major enhancements. Marie also assisted with “Request for Proposal” responses.

Online Help

At Expert Support, Marie has written and updated online help projects, including

  • Cenzic Hailstorm
  • Amdahl’s GR Service Console reference (as a team member)
  • Rational’s Booch Notation Help
  • Rational Rose for Windows reference (as an editor)

At Rational, Marie designed and created the online reference manual and tutorial in FrameMaker for Rational Rose’s first Unix release.

Marie has designed and updated RoboHelp templates for various clients.

Technical and Customer Support

Marie provides production support for both clients and Expert Support staff members. She answers questions about FrameMaker, Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, WebWorks, RoboHTML, platform compatibility, and fonts.

At Transact Software, Marie provided technical support to 12 customers of a group claim processing application. She provided all technical and product support of the inventory tracking system for Wyse Technology.

At The Peabody Group, Marie provided an effective communication link between Engineering and Customer Service, assisted in software development, wrote the initial test plans, performed release testing, and performed remote analysis to identify and solve client problems.

As Benetics Corporation’s first Customer Service representative, Marie established the initial operating and reporting guidelines.

Training Development and Delivery

At Expert Support, Marie’s projects include

  • Created a short training session about a new Word template and delivered it to Altera’s engineers
  • Edited a training course and created the preliminary slide presentation for Trinzic’s graphical application development tool.

In addition, Marie delivers FrameMaker training classes to clients and Expert Support staff members, as requested.

At Rational, Marie trained publications staff members in the creation and maintenance of online documentation using FrameMaker hypertext.

At The Peabody Group, Marie prepared and delivered vi training classes to in-house staff and to clients. She trained new Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales employees in product setup and application functionality.

Marie created the initial customer training program for Benetics Corporation. She delivered the first sets of classes and trained the Customer Service staff on the administration of the training program. She was also responsible for monitoring the progress of the new trainers. Marie delivered product demonstrations for customers and prospects in the office as well as at prospect sites and trade shows.

As Field Office Trainer for Aetna, Marie developed and implemented a training program to teach non-technical users how to use a computerized claim payment system.

Application Development

While at Transact Software, Marie determined the requirements, wrote the detailed specifications, designed, and implemented database and programming revisions to an inventory tracking system (in Accell/IDS) for Wyse Technology. Marie analyzed new features and enhancements to other software products, including an archive and purge mechanism.

At The Peabody Group, Marie analyzed enhancements and corrections to an automated claims processing system. She attended design meetings and assisted with design modifications. Marie designed a data extract facility that allowed non-technical users to archive information onto tape.

At Benetics Corporation, Marie was one of three analysts responsible for the major redesign of a check-writing facility for the claims processing application. She wrote detailed specifications for major enhancements to the application.


Employers Skills Experience